Now What?

Great, now I’ve made my “site” and I’ve talket to my friends about it . . . . . now what !?

Now I want to be as active as possible – I know it will not be a regular weekly posts . . .  but I’ll try to write as much as possible to make this tool interesting for all visitors.

I’ve decided to divide the topics in categories ( which you can find in the menu on the right) There will be various categories, photos, locations, then there will be my recipes, and a category called “how do you ” where I’ll ask you how you prepare some plates and recipes.

There will also be a category called “last night” where I will tell you what I prepared, if I was at my home or at somebody else’s home. . .  with photos and maybe recipes.

I’m also going to have a category called “bits and bites” and will hold various and varied info . . . practical advice and  posts from other sites and blogs.

One of my favorite categories is “get organized” as many of us believe they have “ho time” . . . . but they do, they just have to “get organized”.

So I hope you will enjoy reading my posto, and that you will share them with all your friends!


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