An example . . .

My friend Valentina asked me for help . . .  she will be away for a conference next week and would like to make life easyer on her husband.

Valentina asked me to prepare a menu for dinner for the whole week.

Her husband is lactose intollerant and her 8 year old daughter eats just about anything (what a good girl !!)

This is the menu I offered her:

  •  Monday – Pilaph rice with shrimp and peas
  • Tuesday – Scaloppine with marsala and spinach
  • Wednesday – pasta with ragù
  • Thursday – crunchy meatballs with minty peas
  • Friday – dill flavoured salmon with carrots

As there is an lactose intollerant person, I avoided dishes with any dary products as ricotta, and the meatballs will be made with mashed potato instead of milk soaked bread; also the spinach will be sauteèd with vegetable broth instead of butter and parmesan.

You are probably wondering how much this can cost ?!

. . .  before I tell you, I would like to specify what I will be doing for Valentina:

  • Monday morning I will do the food shopping for the cooking session
  • I will then go to her home and will prepare the above menu, I will store everthing in freezer safe containers
  • I will leave precise instructions on thawing and on heating the food
  • I’ll clean up and leave the kitchen how I found it

All this for 10 Euro per meal per person + the cost of the food – it’s not complicated . . .  here is an example:

  • a family of 3 who asks me for 5 meals will spend 10 Euro x 3 peopole x 5 meals = 150 Euro + the cost of tood
  • a family of 4 who asks for 5 meals will spend 200 Euro + the cost of tood
  • a couple could ask for 5 meals for 4 people – have it frozen in 2 people portions and have dinner ready for 10 nights . . .  in this case they will spend 200 Euro + the cost of food

This service is a great gift idea for a newly wed couple, or a mom with a newborn . . .  or a stressed friend . . .  or a busy wife !


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