100 adults + 50 kids

What a week . . . . and what a weekend !!!

Saturday I served lunch at a birthday parti – 100 adults and 50 kids.

Kids menu:

Red white and green pizzette


Chicken nugets

mini hamburger

mini hot dogs

potato smilies

The adult’s menu:

coccoli (deep fried bread dough) with prosciutto, salame and stracchino

Raw veggie sticks with lemon salt and paprika salt

Potato Tortilla

Pesto Cheescake with cherry tomatoes

Mini tuna meatballs with lemon sauce

Cheese balls with parmesan and pine nuts

Goat cheese balls with pistachios and with hazelnuts

meat lasagne

Lasagne with ricotta and spinach

Gnocchi alla romana

Beer stew with potatoes

Mixed salad

And for snacks:

Little pizzas


Oatmeal cookies (biscotti di avena)



Lemon bars

Birthday cake

Here you will find all the pictures that I was able to take and that were taken of me . . .  unfortunately I wasn’t able to take more . . . and the ones I did take were in a hurry . . . I was really busy !!

From this experience I learned that if we are well organized . . . . we can do anything !

I would like to thank Amelia and Rosanna who helped me to prepare and plate the last things on Saturday, and mostly my friend Angelica who gave me this opportunity !!

Sunday . . . I prepared lunch for 9 kids and 10 adults . . .  a piece of pie after saturday ! 😉


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