10 Halloween ideas

Halloween is almost here . . . . check these 10 ideas to surprise your kids and your guests

Idea n. 1 – change the names of your dishes and make them “gros” – for example a plate of bucatini ( large spaghetti) with tomato could be called “vampire veins” or “witch brains”

Idea n. 2 – fiddle around with food colours . . . . if you boil a cauliflower whole with a bit of red colouring . . . . it could become a “zombie brain”

Idea n. 3 – boil some hot dogs, cut some cherry tomatos in half, take the seeds out, and shape each half like a red fingernail – set the nail on the edge of each hot dog and call them “witches fingers”

Idea n. 4 – slice some potatoes in 1/2 inch slices, shape them like a tombstone and boil them a few minutes – then cook some ground beef in a pan and flavour it with your favourite seasoning – set the ground meat on a plate and a tombstone on top of the meat – should look like a graveyard !

Idea n. 5 – with cookie dough, cut out 8 cm circles – dress them with chocolate icing and set an icecream cone on top  –  they will look like witches hats – to make them dark dip in melted bittersweet chocolate

Idea n. 6 – Spider meatballs – Make meatballs ( you can use my recipe ) and stick pieces of pretzels in them so they look like spiders – if set on top of spaghetti they could be on their cobweb !

Idea n. 7 – with cookie dough cut out little men – then with icing decorate them like a mummy

Idea n. 8 – Prepare some vanilla pudding and throw in a handful of rasins . . .  this is called “fly pudding” or “bug pudding”

Idea n. 9 – If you find candy cotton . . .  it’s great to decorate cakes . . . just like a spider web !!!

Idea n. 10 – Make mashed potatoes, and put them in a plate ( better if dark) in the shape of a ghost face . . . use black olives to make eyes, nose and mouth .

These are 10 ideas that can be easily done without a huge time waste and expense . . . .

Do you have any ideas? share them with us . . .  the more the better!!


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