Friends for dinner?

We are entering that time of the year when entertaining becomes more frequent . . .  but what can I serve for dinner ?!

Here are a couple of quick, yummy and really easy recipes !

Prork filet in a baguette: find a soft baguette and cut it in half like a sandwich, spread sausage meat on both sides and set the filet in between the two halfes. Wrap the baguette in pancetta and tie the whole thing up with string. Cook in a hot oven ( 200°C) for about 40 / 45 min – if it tends to “brown” too much, cover very loosely with aluminum foil.

Special Spare Ribs: take a large piece of spare ribs and rub it with salt – one whole piece, not individual bones. Take a baking dish with a grill and pour some water and red wine in the bottom of the dish. Set the ribs in the dish so that it is propped up and not laying flat. Put everything in a warm oven ( 160° C) for 3 or 4 hours. This dish is perfect when you have the kind of guest that always arrives late . . . . it will never overcook !!

As a vegetable dish . . . check out my kale post or my caulyflower post or even the “last minute” mashed potatoes. And for first course . . . . I’ll tell you in the next post ! 🙂


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