Menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Lunch

I would like to tell you about how we celebrate the festivities in my family . . . everything begins on the 24th of December at my father’s home where we will probably be 14 or 15 people (5 of which are children)

This is the menu:

Aperitif – to be eaten in the living room, with a good prosecco while we wait for everyone to arrive

  • Melba toast with dressed caprino cheese and shrimp
  • Crostini with mascarpone cheese, bottarga di tonno (tuna roe) and a cherry tomato
  • Nuts and bolts (My canadian grand mother made these for Christmas ever year)

Antipasto – all seated at the table

First course

  • Lobster soup  


  • Tuna fish filet in a potato crust

Side Dishes

  • Crunchy salad
  • Ricotta cheese with ambrosia and freshly ground pepper


  • Panettone with Mascarpone and rum creme

For the dinner onthe 24th my father – who also has a great passion for cooking – and I share the cooking job. This year I will prepare the Salmon Tartare and the Lobster Soup. He will take care of the Tuna fish filet with potato crust, and we will prpare the crostini and salads together.

December 25 we all have lunch at my home, there will only be 10 of us as one of my brothers spends the day with his inlaws. This is the menu I’ve decided . . . although something may change . . .  never know !!

Aperitivo – at my house we eat in the kitchen as it is the largest room in the ouse and has a fire place, so aperitivo is just to keep everyone busy as I prepare the last minute things – you can be the most organized person on earth . . . but some things need to be done at the last minute !!

  • Prunes wrapped in bacon  ( a bit vintage but my husband really likes them)
  • Nuts and Bolts


  • Crepe bundles with robiola cheese and trouffle


  • Home made Tortellini with home made consomme


  • Pork filet stuffed with walnuts and apples

Side Dishes

  • Mashed potatoes with poppy seeds
  • Refreshing salad


  • Lemon Crostata

Boxing day we all get back together and eat up all that is left from the feasts  . . .  it’s a tough job . . .  but someone has to do it !!


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