Getting ready to go !

I can not believe that time has flown so quickly . . .

Christmas Eve was a wonderful night with many delicious things to eat . . . of course . . .( as I imagined) the menu changed a couple of times since my last post !!

We ate smoked salmon with sour creme on toast, and chevre with prawns on melba crackers. Then instead of the lobster soup we had some stewed cuttlefish on toast ( delicious !) and the only part of the menu that did not change was the tuna filet with potato crust . . .  wonderful !!!

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Lunch on Christmas day was also very nice and relaxed, I made some semolino gnocchi stuffed with mascarpone and dressed with a gorgonzola and walnut sauce ( yum !).  Second course was a pork crown roast, stuffed with onion, fennel and apple . . . . and for vegetables I made my favourite – peas with mint!

Dessert was a pie made with cookie crust, dusted with crushed toasted almonds , topped with lemon curd and decorated with candied orange peels . . . . absolutely mouth watering !!

What about new years eve ?!?!? We are getting ready to go . . . . we are going to Paris !!!

In my next post I’ll tell you about what I ate !!

Happy New Year !!


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