Happy New Year !

Here we go again . . . school started today, and for me it is the beginning of 2012 ( yes, I realize that I’m 9 days late, the problem is that as long as the kids are on vacation I’m in a sort of limbo and can’t seem to get anything done !!)

So, have you made your new year’s resolution ? if anyone is interested in losing weight please send me an email . . . I have the perfect solution- you lose weight WITHOUT giving up the good food !!

But now let’s go back to everyday life . . . today is monday . . .  what will I prepare for dinner ?!?!?

After a few weeks with out it, here is the menu that I will serve to my family in the next days:

Monday: Pasta alla Carbonara (don’t even need to do the shopping . . . I always have a couple of eggs and some pancetta in the fridge!)

Tuesday: Rice with Saffron                                             

Wednesday: “gnudi” or malfatti or strangolaprete . . . depending on where you come from !! these are very delicate dumplings made with ricotta and spinach – in Tuscany we call them “gnudi” which means naked as they are like ravioli without the pasta around them.

Thursday: Cod alla livornese – yes, I know that it is usually done with salted cod . . .  I have no time to soak the cod this week . . . so I use frozen cod filets, I dry them and cook them as if it was salted cod!

Friday: pasta with pesto – I will use the Pesto that I made this summer and keep in my freezer . . .  so good!!

Of course, salad, vegetables like potatoes, peas, artichokes, cauliflower and all the seasonal vegetables are always on the table !

I hope that this menu will help other people who don’t want to spend time thinking about what’s for dinner tonight !!


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