Trip to the Mountains

YES, I’ve been lazy . . . the reason why I didn’t post anything last week is because I was away . . . in the mountains for a ski week !!!

It was great, the weather was nice and of course . . . lots of wonderfull food !!!

I took some pictures and some ideas . . . here they are:


Speck turban with mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower inside – set upright so that it loks like a turban and slightly grilled

Cheese Roll – make a salad with shreaded cabage, apple, walnuts and place it in a  thin slice of  Fontina cheese, then roll it up – serve cold or slightly grilled

First course:

Apple Risotto – This risotto is made with apple but it is also served inside a baked apple . . . very tasty and delicate – I’ll soon try it and post the results

Canederli – These are a sort of dumpling made with bread and other ingredients ( which may change easily), the ones I had were with onion and speck . . . delicious and very light!

Second Course:

Beef cutlets cooked in a reduction of Teroldego wine – the wine is very light and when reduced it was quite sweet . . . but yummy !

Cheese, Apple, walnut salad – this was made with a fresh but firm cheese  . . .  the cheese there was a fresh casolet – I’ll find out what we can substitute it for here in tuscany!


Carrot muffin with caramel sauce – the muffin was extremely light and fluffy . . . very delicious!


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