Che Pasticcio !

This morning we woke up to 40 cm of snow !

Of course we didn’t go anywhere . . .  except outside to play in the snow !!

What about lunch !?!?!?  un Pasticcio . . . (In Italian un Pasticcio is both a mess, a pie, and trouble ) yes, I didn’t feel like cooking too much . . .  so I decided to get rid of some leftovers in the fridge:

1 bowl of boiled cauliflower + 1 bowl of mashed potatoes . . . what to do ?!?!

I had a great idea !! I made a white sauce  ( 50 g butter with 50 g of flour in a pot  – when they are all melted and golden you add 500 ml of warm milk) – Then I turned the oven on to 180° C and I got an oven safe dish – I spread a nice layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom of the dish – In a frying pan I sautèed the cauliflower with garlic and let it caramelize a bit  – I set the cauliflower over the mashed potatoes and the white sauce over the cauliflower.

Dusted everything with grated parmesan and put it in the oven untill it was heated through and a bit browned.

A nice pasticcio !!  Some bacon or speck would have fit very well . . . . but I had none in the fridge . . . .


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