Once and for all

How would you like to have dinner ready every night without having to cook?

Now you can !!

No, it’s not a dream . . . this is my idea:

We decide a menu for the week that everyone agrees upon – for example:

– Monday: Pasta with ragu

– Tueaday: Arista and Peperonata

– Wednesday: Gnocchi di semolino with formaggio

– Thursday: Pasta alla Amatriciana

– Friday: Dill salmon filets

We all meet one morning ( or afternoon ) at my home (for logistic reasons I prefer my home . . . but we can change kitchen after an inspection) –  I will have already done the shopping – and we start to cook . . .

We prepare all the dishes in the menu in one morning, we put them in airtight bags or freezer safe containers . .  . then you take your portions home and freeze them.

So, say on tuesday you have dinner ready, and if you feel like eating something else . . . you will have a dinner ready for an other evenign !

You may say . . . But I can’t cook all that food ! Don’t worry . . .  I will take care of  that . . . you can choose between 3 options:

1. Come and watch (and learn)

2. Come and help ( and practise your cooking skills)

3. Stay comphortably at home – then we agree on a time and place and I’ll deliver your food to you.

What do you say? Can we do it?

The cost . . . . next question . . . for example: the above menu for 4 families of 4 people would cost 100 Euro per family – that means 6 dishes for 4 people . . .  about 4 feuro a person per dish.

Like the idea ? if you are interested . . . we need a group of maximum 4 or 5 mothers ( or fathers) – I am available this Wednesday (feb 8 ) or Friday ( feb 10) . . . or. . .  you tell me what date  you prefer !!


7 thoughts on “Once and for all

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  2. Good Morning,

    My cousin has a very successful business similar to your idea in Stockholm. She has trained others in a variety of other cities. Basically, she delivers fresh food to the doorstep on Monday, enough food for four people for five nights and a couple of lunches. With the food, she includes quick well-tested menus which change every week. Each meal takes under 30 minutes to cook. If you would like the website or their contact information please let me know, gannon123@comcast.net. I will be in Florence shortly and hope to knit with the group.


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