This last weekend

This was a quiet weekend in the kitchen . . . Saturday I decided to try and make spring rolls . . . I made them with cabbage, leek and carrot – all cut into little strips and sauteed in peanut oil  – then I added some vinegar and a pinch of brown sugar. I set little bunches of this mixture on the wet rice paper disks, rolled them up and deep fried them. Very good !!

Then . . . I made some granola bars . . . so tasty and such a healthy snack!

At dinner we realized that we had no bread in the house . . . so I made some!

Today I spoiled my family and made some “coccoli”  ( deep fried bread dough) . . .  I wasn’t able to take a picture of the finished coccoli – they were gone as soon as they hit the table . . .  so I posted pictures of them while frying . . .

For dinner I made some Pasta e fagioli with pinto beans that I soaked yesterday . . . . and of course . . .  some more bread !!

You can also see the pictures on Facebook


2 thoughts on “This last weekend

  1. sounds great. I would have liked to be there for the coccoli! Could you send me your recipe for the ciabatta bread you make. It’s so perfect for a dinner party. M

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