Ideas for Valentine’s

In Italy Valentine’s is seen as the day of all lovers . . . unfortunately it is only for couples or those who will become – have been – will be couples . . .  I like the version that is celebrated in the US and Canada and other places, where one celebrates the “loved ones” and not just the ones you are in love with  . . . so I extend my Happy Valentine wishes to all my family and friende, and readers !

Well, here are some ideas for the feast of St Valentine and demonstrate our love !

1. Sending a card is probably very common, but sending a card with some home made cookies is something else !

2. Buy some red poster board and cut out some heart shaped place mats to set the table.

3. Buy a heart shaped cookie cutter . . . it will serve you for many things:

a. Cut some cookie dough and make cookies ( to send with the cards that we talked about above)

b. Prapare some risotto and serve it in a heart shape on tha plate

c. Use the cookie cutter to prepare heart shaped ravioli or semolino gnocchi . . .

heart shaped gnocchi

d. Prepare a meat, tuna or salmon tartare and shape it into a heart for a special meal

e. Use the cookie cutter as a stencil and cut out little ( or big) heart shapes to make placeholders or cards or simple decorations, and use the heart shaped “hole” to dust powdered shugar on a cake . . .

Valentine decoration cake

4. Decorate your tabe with red rose petals (you can buy fake petals at the .99c store)

5. Decorate the table with heart shaped candy covered almonds . . . red or pink or both !

6. Buy the ready made pizza dough and make a red heart shaped pizza

7. Decorate the side of your dishes with a little heart made with tomato sauce or . . . balsamic vinegar reduction.


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