Here I am !!

Here I am !

I’ve been quite absent . . . but have lots of news!!

Since my last post, many things have happened . . .

The first thing was a wonderful cruise to the Caribean – We visited Martinica, St. Marten, Dominican Republic, Tortola and Antigua . . . What can I say . . . absolutely beautiful !!

As I got home, I worked full time on preparing for my exam . . .

That’s right, after so many years I’ve had to study for an exam !!

The exam in question was the first level exam to become a Teacher of Italian Cuisine in the “Association of Italian Cuisine Teachers” – this exam was written and practical.

I am very happy to announce that I am now an “Aspiring Teacher of Italian Cuisine” – In september I’ll take my second level exam . . .

Last week was also very busy . . .  I contacted many tourist facilities to offer my services, and I also prepared an informal lunch for Villa Le Rose in Florence.


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