May I introduce you to Gigi

It could have been the sunday afternoond that I spent observing my mother while cooking, kneading, and preparing meals . . .

It could have been the days spent watching my mother and my aunts preparing orecchiette, gnocchi, and all sorts of special desserts for Christmas . . .

It could have been that, living on my own, I needed to cook for myself . . .

Maybe it is a “natural” talent, after I’ve followed the recipe once, I can copy it again and again and improve it by personalizing each and every dish . . .

Maybe it is because we never stop learning, and learning from a Chef is even more interesting . . .

… here I am, every so often sharing my recipes . My background is purely rational (a degree in Physics), and I work in a Technological surrounding, and i find myself spacing and playing with combinations of spices, condiments and flavors with an outburst of fantasy and dexterity.

And if we want we can add a good glass of wine, even better !

Buon Appetito



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