How it works

We will meet and I will see your kitchen, then we will decide a menu based on your family’s needs as allergies, taste, and other dietary necessities. The menu can be for one dinner or one lunch, or for the whole week, to be consumed immediately or later.

On the set date, I will arrive in your home and will prepare the decided menu weather it is for right now or for the whole week.

When I speak of weekly menu, I mean that the food I prepare will be set in appropriate containers and you will have specific freezing and thawing instructions.


1 thought on “How it works

  1. Chef,

    Thank you so much for the follow on my blog! Grazie mille, veramente! I am looking forward to reading your stuff, both in English and Italian (Sto imperando l’italiano, sempre…giorno a girono e piano piano!). Ho imperato a cucinare en Treiso, vicino di Alba en Piemonte. But I am still always learning, certamente.

    It is nice to meet you. Il piacere e mio.

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